MindGuard X includes these useful features:

MindGuard has the following limitations:

Important Notice About Copper-based Chips

Don't throw out your old computers! The computer industry, no doubt at the behest of the forces of mind control, is conspiring to replace all aluminum in computer chips with copper. IBM has already shipped millions of copper-based PowerPC CPUs and has it's sights on all the other chips on your motherboard.

MindGuard uses the unique psychotronic properties of the aluminum found in the chips throughout personal computers to generate its psychotronic anti-signals. An all-copper computer would not be able to generate proper anti-signals and would be unable to run MindGuard properly (however it should still be able to pick up and decipher the signals since this is done at the semiconductor level).

DO NOT RUN MINDGUARD ON AN ALL COPPER PC! Computers with just a few copper components, such as the CPU, should still work fine for now. Make sure to do your research before replacing your mind control protection computer.

MindGuard has the following bugs: