MindGuard allows you to manually scan incoming psychotronic signals for decipherable content. You can also have signals isolated by the jammer Auto Deciphered.

How MindGuard Deciphers:

Psychotronic signals are encoded in a neurophasic symbolic meta-language that takes advantage of the genetically programed syntatical structure that is common in all human brains (as well as, to some degree, higher primates, cetaceans, and parrots.) This language can be understood by all people (with some rare exceptions having to do with neurological damage,) regardless of their native language.

MindGuard uses a meta-language to English conversion matrix to render the signals into something that you can consciously understand (assuming you speak English.)

MindGuard's deciphering abilities are meant to be used for sampling purposes; not every signal detected and jammed will, or indeed can, be deciphered. This is to give you an idea of the types of messages being sent to you. At times, psychotronic activity can get rather high and the signals can be repetitive. MindGuard makes a judgement about which signals are strong enough for, or would be most conducive to, deciphering and also checks the signal's "finger print" to see if it has been recently deciphered (although this isn't always effective and it errs on the side of deciphering).

Manual Deciphering (Scanning):

Manual deciphering may be initiated by pressing the Scan button in the top right half of the main window. This will search for a decipherable signal and attempt to decipher it. Use this if you don't want regular decipher updates but want to see what sort of messages are being sent at the current time.

Auto Deciphering:

Deciphering will start automatically upon signal detection if the Auto Decipher option is selected in the scan setting section of the main window and Silent is turned off under the Jam Tab. The signal isolated by the jammer will be used for deciphering. The Scan button will be disabled when the above options are used as all signals that can be isolated will be fed to the decipherer by the jammer.

Deciphering A Message:

Once scanning starts, MindGuard will display the raw scan data in the Scanner Box at the bottom left of the main window. If a psychotronic signal is isolated, MindGuard will attempt to decipher its meaning.

When a message is deciphered, MindGuard can tell it to you two different ways:

  • Requester:
    MindGuard will pop up a requester that displays the message. Hit the "Okay" button when you are done reading it.
  • Log:
    If you have the Log button checked under the Log tab in the main window, messages will be logged so you can review them at your convenience.

The signal's carrier, context, source, and other more advanced data will be displayed in the Diagnostic Box. If no psychotronic signals are detected, the message "No Signals" will be displayed in the Scanner Box.

Scanning Options: