MindGuard's DePsych is a psychotronic/subliminal message brain-deprogrammer.

How DePsych Works:

DePsych can remove psychotronically induced images, suggestions, etc. that have been building up in your mind through contact with various and sundry psychotronic vectors.

DePsych creates a neuro-sensory pathway between you and your computer via the optic nerve. Holographically encoded information is presented with a blue line-band that takes advantage of your occipital lobe's parallax processing abilities to decode. DePsych sends you specially tuned, neural-resonating engrams that can cancel out most common types of psychotronic/subliminal programing. It also sends "trigger-signals" that can flush and reset your short-term memory areas (what could be compared to the memory buffers for your sensory processing centers.)

DePsych can handle the following types of mind-pollution:

  • Post-hypnotic/psychotronic suggestions
  • Subliminal-images:
    • Empagrams
    • Ideoglyphs
    • Optillusions
    • Product logos
  • Synaesthetic associative memes
  • Recursive harmonies:
    • Circular logic
    • Motor-reflex feedback
    • Commercial jingles
  • Political/cultural propaganda
  • And more


  1. Turn off any lights in the room (except, of course, the monitor)

  2. Position yourself so the distance from your eyes to the monitor corresponds with the following chart:

    Monitor Size   Eye Distance
    (in. diag.)
    8"             2"
    13"            3"
    15"            5"
    17"            7"
    21"            9"
  3. Click the DePsych button in the main window.

  4. Stare into the blue band that updates in the DePsych window, focusing your eyes behind the monitor so that the two squares above the blue band converge into one.

    WARNING: Do not follow the green line as it updates the blue band. Doing so will compromise the deprogramming and may cause epileptic seizures.

  5. Continue to stare until MindGuard tells you that all traces of psychotronic programing have been flushed. Be patient, it may take a while depending on the depth of psychotronic recursion.

  6. If you need to abort a deprograming session before its completion, press the left mouse button

    CAUTION: Aborting a deprograming session before MindGuard says to may leave psychotronic residue unflushed leaving you vulnerable to mind control.