PircBot 1.0.3 - Paul's Java IRC Bot Framework: Uses of Class org.jibble.pircbot.IrcException
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Uses of IrcException in org.jibble.pircbot

Subclasses of IrcException in org.jibble.pircbot
 class NickAlreadyInUseException
          A NickAlreadyInUseException class.

Methods in org.jibble.pircbot that throw IrcException
 void PircBot.connect(String hostname)
          Attempt to connect to the specified IRC server.
 void PircBot.connect(String hostname, int port)
          Attempt to connect to the specified IRC server and port number.
 void PircBot.connect(String hostname, int port, String password)
          Attempt to connect to the specified IRC server using the supplied password.
 void PircBot.reconnect()
          Reconnects to the IRC server that we were previously connected to.

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