org.jibble.pircbot(PircBot 1.0.3 - Paul's Java IRC Bot Framework)
PircBot Java IRC Bot

Package org.jibble.pircbot

Interface Summary
ReplyConstants This interface contains the values of all numeric replies specified in section 6 of RFC 1459.

Class Summary
Colors The Colors class provides several static fields that you may find useful when writing an IRC Bot.
DccChat This class is used to allow the bot to interact with a DCC Chat session.
IdentServer A simple IdentServer (also know as "The Identification Protocol").
InputThread A Thread which reads lines from the IRC server.
OutputThread A Thread which is responsible for sending messages to the IRC server.
PircBot PircBot is a Java framework for writing IRC bots quickly and easily.
Queue Queue is a definition of a data structure that may act as a queue - that is, data can be added to one end of the queue and data can be requested from the head end of the queue.
User This class is used to represent a user on an IRC server.

Exception Summary
IrcException An IrcException class.
NickAlreadyInUseException A NickAlreadyInUseException class.

PircBot Java IRC Bot