Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11 API Specification: Package org.bouncycastle.jce.spec
Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11

Package org.bouncycastle.jce.spec

Class Summary
ECKeySpec base class for an Elliptic Curve Key Spec
ECNamedCurveParameterSpec specification signifying that the curve parameters can also be refered to by name.
ECParameterSpec basic domain parameters for an Elliptic Curve public or private key.
ECPrivateKeySpec Elliptic Curve private key specification.
ECPublicKeySpec Elliptic Curve public key specification
ElGamalPrivateKeySpec This class specifies an ElGamal private key with its associated parameters.
ElGamalPublicKeySpec This class specifies an ElGamal public key with its associated parameters.
IEKeySpec key pair for use with an integrated encryptor - together they provide what's required to generate the message.
IESParameterSpec Parameter spec for an integrated encryptor, as in IEEE P1363a

Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11