5.33. topics Filter


The general syntax is:

  !block topics[; parameters]

The parameters are:

Name Type Rule
intro string  
noslide boolean  
data boolean  

The table fields are:

Field Category Rule
Topic mandatory  
Label optional  
Level optional  
Next optional  
Prev optional  
Up optional  

See Understanding Filter Interfaces, if necessary.


The topics filter is used to include a set of sub-topics into a document. For PostScript, this implies that the heading levels on topics included as sub-topics are adjusted accordingly. For HTML and Windows help files, this implies that hypertext jumps are inserted to the topics.

This filter expects a table of data in TBL format. The only field typically provided is Topic - the name of the file containing the topic, excluding the .sdf extension. The other fields are used by SDF internally during the generation of HTML topics.

The intro parameter can be used to specify SDF text to be output before the hypertext jumps. This text is not output for formats where the topics are simply included, e.g. PostScript.

The noslide parameter stops the heading levels of the topics being slid down.

The data parameter is used to specify that the table is topics data and no output should be generated. This parameter is used by SDF internally during the generation of HTML topics.


The subroutines are documented below.

!block topics; intro='H2: Subroutines'