5.32. title Filter


The general syntax is:

  !block title[; parameters]

The parameters are:

Name Type Rule
type string  
toc integer  
format string  

See Understanding Filter Interfaces, if necessary.


The title filter is used to build the title block for memos, faxes, etc.

The type parameter can be used to override the document type. For PostScript output, the value is displayed in a box above the rest of the title.

The toc parameter is used to request a table of contents. The value is the level of headings to include in the contents.

The format attribute is used to fine tune the layout of the columns within the table for format where a table is used (e.g. plain text).


!block title
Name        Value
Date:       [[DATE:DOC_MODIFIED]]
To:         Joe Bloggs, Sue Brown, Maree Jones
Copy:       David Smith
From:       Neil Armstrong
Subject:    Solar System Information
Ref. No:    XY.002/GUI/96