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csQuaternion Class Reference

Class for a quaternion. More...

#include <quaterni.h>

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Public Methods

void Init (float theR, float theX, float theY, float theZ)
 Initialize a quaternion with specific values.

 csQuaternion ()
 Construct a 0,0,0,0 quaternion.

 csQuaternion (float theR, float theX=0.0, float theY=0.0, float theZ=0.0)
 Construct a quaternion with the given parameters.

 csQuaternion (const csQuaternion &q)
 Copy constructor.

 csQuaternion (const csVector3 &q)
 Construct quaternion from a vector.

csQuaternion& operator *= (const csQuaternion &q2)
void Conjugate ()
void Negate ()
 Negate all parameters of the quaternion.

void PrepRotation (float angle, csVector3 vec)
 Prepare a rotation quaternion, we do a rotation around vec by an angle of "angle". More...

csVector3 Rotate (csVector3 vec)
 rotated = q * vec * qConj.

void Normalize ()
 Normalize this quaternion.

void SetWithEuler (const csVector3 &rot)
 Convert a set of Euler angles to a Quaternion Takes a (X,Y,Z) rather than Yaw-Pitch-Roll (Y,X,Z) The output is NOT Normalized, if you wish to do so, normalize it yourself.

csQuaternion ToAxisAngle () const
 Return an Axis Angle representation of this Quaternion.

csQuaternion Slerp (const csQuaternion &quat2, float slerp) const
 Spherical Linear Interpolation between two quaternions Calculated between this class & the second quaternion by the slerp factor and returned as a new quaternion.

Public Attributes

float r
float x
float y
float z


class  operator+
class  operator-
class  operator *

Detailed Description

Class for a quaternion.

Member Function Documentation

void csQuaternion::PrepRotation ( float angle,
csVector3 vec ) [inline]

Prepare a rotation quaternion, we do a rotation around vec by an angle of "angle".

Note that vec needs to be a normalized vector ( we don't check this ).

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