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csPolygonStub Class Reference

An object stub. More...

#include <treeobj.h>

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Public Methods

 csPolygonStub (csPolygonIntPool *pool)
 Initialize this stub with a polygon pool.

 ~csPolygonStub ()
void IncRef ()
void DecRef ()
void RemoveStub ()
 Unlink this stub from all lists.

csPolyTreeBBoxGetObject ()
 Get parent object for this stub.

csPolygonIntArrayGetPolygonArray ()
 Get access to the list of polygons in this stub.

csPolygonInt** GetPolygons ()
 Get list of polygons.

int GetPolygonCount ()
 Get number of polygons.

void* Visit (csThing *thing, csTreeVisitFunc *func, void *data)
 Visit this stub while traversing the tree (octree or BSP tree).

void Initialize ()
 Initialize this stub.

void RemoveData ()
 Clean up data from this stub.


class  csPolyTreeBBox
class  csPolygonTreeNode
class  csPolygonStubPool

Detailed Description

An object stub.

For a given tree object there can be many object stubs. Every stub represents some object (or part of that object) that belongs to some node.

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