BonoboUIContainer — The container interface as implemented for BonoboWindow


struct      BonoboUIContainer;
struct      BonoboUIContainerPrivate;
struct      BonoboUIContainerClass;
BonoboUIContainer* bonobo_ui_container_new  (void);
void        bonobo_ui_container_set_engine  (BonoboUIContainer *container,
                                             BonoboUIEngine *engine);
BonoboUIEngine* bonobo_ui_container_get_engine
                                            (BonoboUIContainer *container);

Object Hierarchy



A BonoboUIContainer is a very thin object, it implements the CORBA interface for doing UI merging, but none of the logic. In order to achieve the effect it is associated with a BonoboUIEngine object. Traditionaly the UI container was associated with a BonoboWindow however, this is now strongly deprecated, since the BonoboUIContainer can be used with any BonoboUIEngine, not just that used by BonoboWindow.

Here is how your code should interact with the BonoboUIContainer

Example 3. How to setup a BonoboUIContainer

	BonoboWindow      *window;
	BonoboUIEngine    *engine;
	BonoboUIContainer *container;

	window = BONOBO_WINDOW (
		bonobo_window_new ("Window", "My Test Application"));
	container = bonobo_ui_container_new();

	engine = bonobo_window_get_ui_engine (window);
	bonobo_ui_container_set_engine (container, engine);

	return window;


struct BonoboUIContainer

struct BonoboUIContainer;

struct BonoboUIContainerPrivate

struct BonoboUIContainerPrivate;

struct BonoboUIContainerClass

struct BonoboUIContainerClass {

	BonoboObjectClass parent;

	POA_Bonobo_UIContainer__epv epv;

	gpointer dummy[2];

bonobo_ui_container_new ()

BonoboUIContainer* bonobo_ui_container_new  (void);

Returns : a newly created BonoboUIContainer

bonobo_ui_container_set_engine ()

void        bonobo_ui_container_set_engine  (BonoboUIContainer *container,
                                             BonoboUIEngine *engine);

Associates the BonoboUIContainer with a BonoboUIEngine that it will use to handle all the UI merging requests.

container : the container
engine : the engine

bonobo_ui_container_get_engine ()

BonoboUIEngine* bonobo_ui_container_get_engine
                                            (BonoboUIContainer *container);

Get the associated BonoboUIEngine

container : the UI container
Returns : the engine

See Also

BonoboUIComponent, BonoboUIEngine, BonoboWindow, BonoboUISync, bonobo-ui-util(3)