GtkPixmapMenuItem -- A special widget for GNOME menus.


#include <gnome.h>

struct      GtkPixmapMenuItem;
GtkWidget*  gtk_pixmap_menu_item_new        (void);
void        gtk_pixmap_menu_item_set_pixmap (GtkPixmapMenuItem *menu_item,
                                             GtkWidget *pixmap);

Object Hierarchy



GtkPixmapMenuItem works like a normal GTK menu item, but you can insert a arbitrary widget (most often a pixmap widget), which is displayed at the left side. The advantage is that indentation is handled the same way as GTK does (i.e if you create a menu with a gtk_check_menu_item, all normal menu items are automatically indented by GTK - so if you use a normal menu item to display pixmaps at the left side, the pixmaps will be indented, which is not what you want. This widget solves the problem).


struct GtkPixmapMenuItem

struct GtkPixmapMenuItem;

gtk_pixmap_menu_item_new ()

GtkWidget*  gtk_pixmap_menu_item_new        (void);

Creates a new pixmap menu item. Use gtk_pixmap_menu_item_set_pixmap() to set the pixmap wich is displayed at the left side.

Returns :&GtkWidget pointer to new menu item

gtk_pixmap_menu_item_set_pixmap ()

void        gtk_pixmap_menu_item_set_pixmap (GtkPixmapMenuItem *menu_item,
                                             GtkWidget *pixmap);

Set the pixmap of the menu item.

menu_item : Pointer to the pixmap menu item
pixmap : Pointer to a pixmap widget