bcel API: Uses of Class org.apache.bcel.generic.LocalVariableGen

Uses of Class

Packages that use LocalVariableGen
org.apache.bcel.generic This package contains the "generic" part of the Byte Code Engineering Library, i.e., classes to dynamically modify class objects and byte code instructions. 

Uses of LocalVariableGen in org.apache.bcel.generic

Methods in org.apache.bcel.generic that return LocalVariableGen
 LocalVariableGen MethodGen.addLocalVariable(java.lang.String name, Type type, int slot, InstructionHandle start, InstructionHandle end)
          Adds a local variable to this method.
 LocalVariableGen MethodGen.addLocalVariable(java.lang.String name, Type type, InstructionHandle start, InstructionHandle end)
          Adds a local variable to this method and assigns an index automatically.
 LocalVariableGen[] MethodGen.getLocalVariables()

Methods in org.apache.bcel.generic with parameters of type LocalVariableGen
 void MethodGen.removeLocalVariable(LocalVariableGen l)
          Remove a local variable, its slot will not be reused, if you do not use addLocalVariable with an explicit index argument.
 void InstructionList.redirectLocalVariables(LocalVariableGen[] lg, InstructionHandle old_target, InstructionHandle new_target)
          Redirect all references of local variables from old_target to new_target.