bcel API: Uses of Interface org.apache.bcel.generic.IndexedInstruction

Uses of Interface

Packages that use IndexedInstruction
org.apache.bcel.generic This package contains the "generic" part of the Byte Code Engineering Library, i.e., classes to dynamically modify class objects and byte code instructions. 

Uses of IndexedInstruction in org.apache.bcel.generic

Classes in org.apache.bcel.generic that implement IndexedInstruction
 class ALOAD
          ALOAD - Load reference from local variable
          ANEWARRAY - Create new array of references
 class ASTORE
          ASTORE - Store reference into local variable
          CHECKCAST - Check whether object is of given type
 class CPInstruction
          Abstract super class for instructions that use an index into the constant pool such as LDC, INVOKEVIRTUAL, etc.
 class DLOAD
          DLOAD - Load double from local variable
 class DSTORE
          DSTORE - Store double into local variable
 class FieldInstruction
          Super class for the GET/PUTxxx family of instructions.
 class FieldOrMethod
          Super class for InvokeInstruction and FieldInstruction, since they have some methods in common!
 class FLOAD
          FLOAD - Load float from local variable
 class FSTORE
          FSTORE - Store float into local variable
          GETFIELD - Fetch field from object
          GETSTATIC - Fetch static field from class
 class IINC
          IINC - Increment local variable by constant
 class ILOAD
          ILOAD - Load int from local variable onto stack
          INSTANCEOF - Determine if object is of given type
 class InvokeInstruction
          Super class for the INVOKExxx family of instructions.
          INVOKEINTERFACE - Invoke interface method
          INVOKESPECIAL - Invoke instance method; special handling for superclass, private and instance initialization method invocations
          INVOKESTATIC - Invoke a class (static) method
          INVOKEVIRTUAL - Invoke instance method; dispatch based on class
 class ISTORE
          ISTORE - Store int from stack into local variable
 class LDC
          LDC - Push item from constant pool.
 class LDC_W
          LDC_W - Push item from constant pool (wide index)
 class LDC2_W
          LDC2_W - Push long or double from constant pool
 class LLOAD
          LLOAD - Load long from local variable
 class LoadInstruction
          Denotes an unparameterized instruction to load a value from a local variable, e.g.
 class LocalVariableInstruction
          Abstract super class for instructions dealing with local variables.
 class LSTORE
          LSTORE - Store long into local variable
          MULTIANEWARRAY - Create new mutidimensional array of references
 class NEW
          NEW - Create new object
          PUTFIELD - Put field in object
          PUTSTATIC - Put static field in class
 class RET
          RET - Return from subroutine
 class StoreInstruction
          Denotes an unparameterized instruction to store a value into a local variable, e.g.