bcel API: Uses of Interface org.apache.bcel.generic.CompoundInstruction

Uses of Interface

Packages that use CompoundInstruction
org.apache.bcel.generic This package contains the "generic" part of the Byte Code Engineering Library, i.e., classes to dynamically modify class objects and byte code instructions. 

Uses of CompoundInstruction in org.apache.bcel.generic

Classes in org.apache.bcel.generic that implement CompoundInstruction
 class PUSH
          Wrapper class for push operations, which are implemented either as BIPUSH, LDC or xCONST_n instructions.
 class SWITCH
          SWITCH - Branch depending on int value, generates either LOOKUPSWITCH or TABLESWITCH instruction, depending on whether the match values (int[]) can be sorted with no gaps between the numbers.

Methods in org.apache.bcel.generic with parameters of type CompoundInstruction
 InstructionHandle InstructionList.append(Instruction i, CompoundInstruction c)
          Append a compound instruction, after instruction i.
 InstructionHandle InstructionList.append(CompoundInstruction c)
          Append a compound instruction.
 InstructionHandle InstructionList.append(InstructionHandle ih, CompoundInstruction c)
          Append a compound instruction.
 InstructionHandle InstructionList.insert(Instruction i, CompoundInstruction c)
          Insert a compound instruction before instruction i.
 InstructionHandle InstructionList.insert(CompoundInstruction c)
          Insert a compound instruction.
 InstructionHandle InstructionList.insert(InstructionHandle ih, CompoundInstruction c)
          Insert a compound instruction.

Constructors in org.apache.bcel.generic with parameters of type CompoundInstruction
InstructionList(CompoundInstruction c)
          Initialize list with (nonnull) compound instruction.