bcel API: Uses of Class org.apache.bcel.generic.ArithmeticInstruction

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Packages that use ArithmeticInstruction
org.apache.bcel.generic This package contains the "generic" part of the Byte Code Engineering Library, i.e., classes to dynamically modify class objects and byte code instructions. 

Uses of ArithmeticInstruction in org.apache.bcel.generic

Subclasses of ArithmeticInstruction in org.apache.bcel.generic
 class DADD
          DADD - Add doubles
 class DDIV
          DDIV - Divide doubles
 class DMUL
          DMUL - Multiply doubles
 class DNEG
          DNEG - Negate double
 class DREM
          DREM - Remainder of doubles
 class DSUB
          DSUB - Substract doubles
 class FADD
          FADD - Add floats
 class FDIV
          FDIV - Divide floats
 class FMUL
          FMUL - Multiply floats
 class FNEG
          FNEG - Negate float
 class FREM
          FREM - Remainder of floats
 class FSUB
          FSUB - Substract floats
 class IADD
          IADD - Add ints
 class IAND
          IAND - Bitwise AND int
 class IDIV
          IDIV - Divide ints
 class IMUL
          IMUL - Multiply ints
 class INEG
          INEG - Negate int
 class IOR
          IOR - Bitwise OR int
 class IREM
          IREM - Remainder of int
 class ISHL
          ISHL - Arithmetic shift left int
 class ISHR
          ISHR - Arithmetic shift right int
 class ISUB
          ISUB - Substract ints
 class IUSHR
          IUSHR - Logical shift right int
 class IXOR
          IXOR - Bitwise XOR int
 class LADD
          LADD - Add longs
 class LAND
          LAND - Bitwise AND longs
 class LDIV
          LDIV - Divide longs
 class LMUL
          LMUL - Multiply longs
 class LNEG
          LNEG - Negate long
 class LOR
          LOR - Bitwise OR long
 class LREM
          LREM - Remainder of long
 class LSHL
          LSHL - Arithmetic shift left long
 class LSHR
          LSHR - Arithmetic shift right long
 class LSUB
          LSUB - Substract longs
 class LUSHR
          LUSHR - Logical shift right long
 class LXOR
          LXOR - Bitwise XOR long

Fields in org.apache.bcel.generic declared as ArithmeticInstruction
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IADD
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LADD
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.FADD
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.DADD
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.ISUB
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LSUB
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.FSUB
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.DSUB
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IMUL
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LMUL
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.FMUL
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.DMUL
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IDIV
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LDIV
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.FDIV
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.DDIV
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IREM
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LREM
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.FREM
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.DREM
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.INEG
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LNEG
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.FNEG
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.DNEG
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.ISHL
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LSHL
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.ISHR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LSHR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IUSHR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LUSHR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IAND
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LAND
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IOR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LOR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.IXOR
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionConstants.LXOR

Methods in org.apache.bcel.generic that return ArithmeticInstruction
static ArithmeticInstruction InstructionFactory.createBinaryOperation(java.lang.String op, Type type)
          Create binary operation for simple basic types, such as int and float.

Methods in org.apache.bcel.generic with parameters of type ArithmeticInstruction
 void EmptyVisitor.visitArithmeticInstruction(ArithmeticInstruction obj)
 void Visitor.visitArithmeticInstruction(ArithmeticInstruction obj)