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GdomeXPathNSResolver -- Interface XPathNSResolver implementation


This implements the DOM Level 3 XPath W3C Working Draft 08 February 2002. API SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

The GdomeXPathNSResolver interface permit prefix strings in the expression to be properly bound to namespaceURI strings. GdomeXPathEvaluator can construct an implementation of GdomeXPathNSResolver from a node, or the interface may be implemented by any application.


struct GdomeXPathNSResolver

struct GdomeXPathNSResolver {
	gpointer user_data;

gdome_xpnsresolv_mkref ()

GdomeXPathNSResolver* gdome_xpnsresolv_mkref
                                            (GdomeNode *nodeResolver);

nodeResolver : 
Returns : 

gdome_xpnsresolv_ref ()

void        gdome_xpnsresolv_ref            (GdomeXPathNSResolver *self,
                                             GdomeException *exc);

Increase the reference count of the XPathNSResolver structure.

self : XPathNSResolver Object ref
exc : Exception Object ref

gdome_xpnsresolv_unref ()

void        gdome_xpnsresolv_unref          (GdomeXPathNSResolver *self,
                                             GdomeException *exc);

Decrease the reference count of the XPathNSResolver. Free the structure if XPathNSResolver will have zero reference.

self : XPathNSResolver Object ref
exc : Exception Object ref

gdome_xpnsresolv_lookupNamespaceURI ()

GdomeDOMString* gdome_xpnsresolv_lookupNamespaceURI
                                            (GdomeXPathNSResolver *self,
                                             GdomeDOMString *prefix,
                                             GdomeException *exc);

Look up the namespace URI associated to the given namespace prefix. The XPath evaluator must never call this with a null or empty argument, because the result of doing this is undefined.

self : GdomeXPathNSResolver Object ref
prefix : The prefix of the namespace to look for
exc : Exception Object ref
Returns : namespace URI