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DVI Drivers and Previewers

DVI to PostScript conversion programs

The best public domain DVI to PostScript conversion program which runs under many operating systems is Tom Rokicki's dvips. dvips is written in C and ports easily to other operating systems; it is available as dviware/dvips

VMS versions are available through the DECUS library (see sources of software), and also as part of the \CTAN{} distribution of TeX for VMS (systems/OpenVMS/TEX97_CTAN.ZIP).

A precompiled version for MS-DOS is available from systems/msdos/dviware/dvips

Karl Berry's version of dvips (called dvipsk) has a configure script and path searching code similar to that in his other programs (e.g., web2c); it is available from dviware/dvipsk

Another good portable program is dvitops by James Clark, which is also written in C and will compile under Unix, MS-DOS, VMS, and Primos; however, it does not support virtual fonts. It is available from dviware/dvitops

Macintosh users can use either the excellent drivers built into OzTeX or Textures, or a port of dvips in the CMacTeX package.

DVI drivers for HP LaserJet

The emTeX package (see TeX systems) contains a driver for the LaserJet, dvihplj.

Version 2.10 of the Beebe drivers supports the LaserJet. These drivers will compile under Unix, VMS, and on the Atari ST and DEC-20's, and are available from dviware/beebe

Karl Berry's dviljk, which has the same path-searching code as his dvipsk (see DVI to PostScript programs), is available in dviware/dviljk

DVI previewers

EmTeX and gTeX for the PC, and OzTeX for the Macintosh, all come with previewers that can be used on those platforms. There is a good OS/2 Presentation Manager previewer in emTeX, and a public domain Windows previewer (dviware/dviwin). Commercial PC TeX packages (see commercial vendors) have good MS-DOS and Windows previewers.

Previewers available for other operating systems include:

The most widely used previewer for the X Window System (and hence almost any Unix or modern VMS workstation); available in dviware/xdvi

Karl Berry's version of xdvi, called xdvik, has features analogous to his dvipsk (see DVI to PostScript programs); it is available in dviware/xdvik

For SunView on (old enough) Sun workstations. This was published in volume 15 of comp.sources.unix and is archived in dviware/dvipage
An older previewer for the X Window System; available in dviware/seetex
For Apollo Domain workstations; available in dviware/dviapollo
For (old enough, VMS) VAXstations running VWS; available in dviware/dvidis
for Tektronix 4010-compatible and other terminals under Unix and VMS; available as dviware/dvitovdu
A DVI to ASCII conversion program, for normal terminals; available as dviware/dvi2tty
For SGI under Irix; both a binary and source are available, but be sure to get the fonts as well. Available as dviware/texsgi

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