Chapter 2. Writing a New Superservice

Table of Contents

DLF Design
The DLF Schema


Writing a new superservice involves several things:

  1. Making new directories in CVS:

    • /service/<superservice>/

    • /service/<superservice>/script/

    • /service/<superservice>/reports/

  2. Adding several files:

    • /service/<superservice>/

    • /service/<superservice>/reports/

    • /service/<superservice>/script/

    • /service/<superservice>/<superservice>.cfg

    • This file specifies the DLF format of the superservice. Ideally, it should offer a place for each and every snippet of information which will ever be found in a logfile from a program which offers functionality defined by the superservice. This file should have documentation embedded; this will show up in this manual.

  3. Writing service plugins (2dlf scripts):

    • /service/<superservice>/script/<service>

  4. Adapting several files:

    • /service/ (add the Makefiles and 2dlf script to AC_OUTPUT, to get them converted from <service> to <service>2dlf.)

    • /service/ (add the superservice directory to SUBDIRS, so that make gets run there too, when called from the root source directory.)

    • /service/all/etc/ (to make the new service known as a member of a superservice.)

  5. Update Documentation:

    • User Manual: Chapter "Supported Applications".

    • Add manpages for scripts

    • This document: add a referal to the superservice-schemas.dbx

    • The User Manual: add referals to superservice-reports-infos.dbx and superservice-filters-infos.dbx.

  6. Update lr_config