Google Ant API)


Interface Summary
BuildListener Instances of classes that implement this interface can register to be notified when things happened during a build.
BuildLogger Interface used by Ant to log the build output.
DynamicConfigurator Enables a task to control unknown attributes and elements.
FileScanner An interface used to describe the actions required of any type of directory scanner.
TaskContainer Interface for objects which can contain tasks.

Class Summary
AntClassLoader Used to load classes within ant with a different claspath from that used to start ant.
BuildEvent Class representing an event occurring during a build.
DefaultLogger Writes build events to a PrintStream.
DemuxOutputStream Logs content written by a thread and forwards the buffers onto the project object which will forward the content to the appropriate task.
Diagnostics A little diagnostic helper that output some information that may help in support.
DirectoryScanner Class for scanning a directory for files/directories which match certain criteria.
IntrospectionHelper Helper class that collects the methods a task or nested element holds to set attributes, create nested elements or hold PCDATA elements.
Location Stores the location of a piece of text within a file (file name, line number and column number).
Main Command line entry point into Ant.
NoBannerLogger Extends DefaultLogger to strip out empty targets.
PathTokenizer A Path tokenizer takes a path and returns the components that make up that path.
Project Central representation of an Ant project.
ProjectComponent Base class for components of a project, including tasks and data types.
ProjectHelper Configures a Project (complete with Targets and Tasks) based on a XML build file.
RuntimeConfigurable Wrapper class that holds the attributes of an element, its children, and any text within it.
Target Class to implement a target object with required parameters.
Task Base class for all tasks.
TaskAdapter Uses introspection to "adapt" an arbitrary Bean which doesn't itself extend Task, but still contains an execute method and optionally a setProject method.
UnknownElement Wrapper class that holds all the information necessary to create a task or data type that did not exist when Ant started, or one which has had its definition updated to use a different implementation class.
XmlLogger Generates a file in the current directory with an XML description of what happened during a build.

Exception Summary
BuildException Signals an error condition during a build
ExitException Used to report exit status of classes which call System.exit().

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