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Xdialog v2.0.6 documentation



  1. Introduction
  2. General syntax and usage
  3. Common options
  4. Box options
  5. Transient options
  6. Special options
  7. GTK+ options
  8. Compatibility
  9. FAQ
  10. Authors & history
  11. License
  12. Changes log


This documentation uses the following conventions:

  • An item between angle brackets (example: <text>) denotes a parameter/option (to be replaced by its actual value/name).
  • Items between square brackets (example: [ --option <parameter> ]) are optional and may therefore be omited.
  • An item between curly brackets (example: { <help> }) is to be used on a specific condition (as explained in the text).
  • The "|" symbol represents an exclusive or.
  • Shell commands and files contents are displayed using a fixed font, example:
    Xdialog --msgbox "example" 0 0
  • Italic font is used for buttons/label/field names.
  • Bold font is used for highlighting definitions and important words.

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