JBoss API: Package org.jboss.metadata

Package org.jboss.metadata

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ApplicationMetaData The top level meta data from the jboss.xml descriptor.
BeanMetaData A common meta data class for the entity, message-driven and session beans.
ConfigurationMetaData The configuration information for an EJB container.
EntityMetaData The meta data information specific to entity beans.
MessageDrivenMetaData Based on SessionMetaData Have to add changes ApplicationMetaData and ConfigurationMetaData
MethodMetaData The combination of the method-permission, container-transaction
ResourceEnvRefMetaData The meta data information for a resource-env-ref element.
ResourceRefMetaData The meta data information for a resource-ref element.
SecurityIdentityMetaData The meta data object for the security-identity element.
SecurityRoleRefMetaData The metadata object for the security-role-ref element.
SessionMetaData The meta data information specific to session beans.
WebMetaData A representation of the web.xml and jboss-web.xml deployment descriptors as used by the AbstractWebContainer web container integration support class.
XmlFileLoader XmlFileLoader class is used to read ejb-jar.xml, standardjboss.xml, jboss.xml files, process them using DTDs and create ApplicationMetaData object for future using

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