web2ldap - Configuration

The configuration module directory web2ldapcnf/
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This document describes the Python module package web2ldapcnf/ which could typically reside in the system configuration directory. You can set configuration options for various aspects.

The configuration module is divided into different sub-modules:
Initialization module for the directory module. Simply do not touch this.
Options needed in any running-mode.
Options only needed when running as stand-alone web server.
Options only needed when running as FastCGI server.
Options specific for certain LDAP hosts.

The configuration itself is a Python module and therefore you have to provide a syntactically correct module and correct configuration parameters. You can mess up behaviour of web2ldap completely by writing sh** into this module.
Please refer to the Python docs on details about the Python syntax itself. Most times this is not necessary since it is pretty easy to understand.

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