web2ldap - WWW gateway to LDAP server

Full-featured web-based LDAP client
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Directory services like LDAP are suitable for holding a lot of organizational information in a standarized database scheme. LDAP is very handy for e.g. providing centralized addressbooks for the users of an organization. Widely used mail client software like Netscape Messenger or Outlook have already built-in support for accessing directory services through LDAP for retrieving personal data like mail addresses or certificate data.

However some situations arise in which there is a strong need for

  • a robust and flexible LDAP client software which provides add/modify of LDAP entries.
  • access to the directory without having LDAP capable client software (e.g. via WWW).
  • a secure LDAP client with clean login behaviour.
  • hiding the LDAP service behind a firewall.
  • encryption for LDAP access over unsecure networks.
This is why web2ldap was developed which aims to be a full-featured LDAPv3 client.

Although web2ldap is designed to be very comfortable it is today much too powerful for unexperienced users who just want to do simple repeating jobs like searching a specific sort of entries or adding same entries many times. The reason is that web2ldap is a generic LDAP client providing all kind of actions you want to do with a LDAP directory without making any assumptions about the directory's DIT or schema.
If you have the requirement for a customized web gateway to your own LDAP server which is easy-to-use for end-users feel free to contact Michael Ströder <> for further information about commercial variants and support.

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