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C.4 Installation

C.4.1 Requirements

The programs hevea and hacha are written in Objective Caml. Thus, you really need Objective Caml (version 2.00 or further) to compile them. However, a Red Hat 5.2 binary distribution is also available, it does not require an Objective Caml installation and can be installed on most Red Hat Linux PC's.

HEVEA users may instruct the program not to process a part of the input (see section 6). Instead, this part is processed into a .gif file and HEVEA outputs a link to the image file. LATEX source is changed into .gif images by the imagen script, which basically calls, LATEX, dvips, ghostscript and a few tools from the image processing package netpbm.

To benefit from the full functionality of HEVEA, you need all this software. However, HEVEA runs without them, but then you will to manage to produce images by yourself.

C.4.2 Principles
The details are given in the README file from the distribution. Basically, HEVEA should be given a library directory. The installation procedure stores the hevea.hva and base style files in this directory. There are two compilation modes, the opt mode selects the native code Ocaml compiler ocamlopt, while the byte mode selects the bytecode Ocaml compiler ocamlc. In HEVEA case, ocamlopt produces code that is up to three times as fast as the one produced by ocamlc. Thus, default compilation mode is opt, however it may be the case on some systems that only ocamlc is available.

Note that the hevea.sty file is simply copied to HEVEA library directory. It remains users responsibility to make it accessible to LATEX.

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