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Chapter 2

2.1 Getting TPG

TPG is freely available on its web page ( http://christophe.delord.free.fr/en/tpg). It is distributed as a package using distutils1.

2.2 Requirements

TPG is a pure Python package. It may run on any platform supported by Python. The only requirement of TPG is Python 2.2 or newer. Python can be downloaded at http://www.python.org.

2.3 TPG for Linux and other Unix like

Download TPG-X.Y.Z.tar.gz, unpack and run the installation program:

tar xzf TPG-X.Y.Z.tar.gz  
cd TPG-X.Y.Z  
python setup.py install

You may need to be logged as root to install TPG.

2.4 TPG for M$ Windows

Download TPG-X.Y.Z.win32.exe and run it.

2.5 TPG for other operating systems

TPG should run on any system provided that Python is installed. You should be able to install it by running the setup.py script (see 2.3).