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Tool Bar

You can find the tool bar on top of each page. It is created to make MySQLMan easier to navigate. The tool bar is divided into 4 parts.

  • Section 1 (upper left)
    This section of the tool bar tells you where you are in. The status is shown in the form
    Top : Mysql [: database_name] [: table_name] [(page_no)]
  • Where
    Top : Takes you to the URL specified in "home_url" in the config file (mysql.cfg).
    Mysql : Takes you to the database list.
    database_name : Takes you to the table list of the database.
    table_name : Shows the current table you are in.
    page_no : The page number when veiwing records.

  • Section 2 (upper right)
    Help pages.
    HOME - List of all help pages available.
    Page - Help on the current page.
  • Section 3 (lower left)
    This is the main section of the tool bar. From here, you can find most of the functions available in MySQLMan. These functions are categorized into 2 types - database functions and table functions. In addition, they are divided into 3 levels as follows:

    1. You should see the following once logged in:
      Databases: List | Create | Login | Logout
      Each link allows you to:
      List - see the list of databases.
      Create - create a new database.
      Login - switch to another user.
      Logout - logout.
    2. As a database is selected, 4 more functions become available:
      Databases: List | Create | SQL Monitor | SQL Dump | Login | Logout
      Tables: List | Create
      The 4 additional functions are:
      SQL Monitor - lets you send your own queries to mySQL.
      SQL Dump - creates queries that recreate the current database.
      (Table) List - displays the list of tables in the database.
      (Table) Create - create a new table in the database.
    3. As an action is selected from the table list, all the functions become available:
      Databases: List | Create | SQL Monitor | SQL Dump | Login | Logout
      Tables: List | Create | Browse | Search | Properties | Insert | Empty | Drop | Import | Export | Rename | Add_Fields
      These functions are:
      Browse - displays all records in the table.
      Search - lets you create simple SELECT... FROM current_table WHERE... query.
      Properties - shows the table definition.
      Insert - insert a new record into the table.
      Empty - deletes all records from the current table.
      Drop - removes the current table from the database.
      Import - imports data in a delimited file into the table.
      Export - exports data in the table to a delimited file.
      Rename - renames the current table.
      Add_Fields - adds new fields to the table.
  • Section 4 (lower right)
    Link to Gossamer Threads Inc. website.
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