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SQL Monitor

The SQL Monitor is for users to send more complex queries to mySQL that cannot be achieved by using other tools in MySQLMan. The link to SQL Monitor can be found in the tool bar once you have chosen a database.

The queries can be entered in the text window, or, saved in a file.

  • Run queries in the text window
    You can enter one or more queries in the text window. If running multiple queries, you must be sure that each query starts in a new line and ends with a semi-colon (;). Please note that only the last query can be a query that requires record display (i.e. DESCRIBE..., SELECT... FROM..., or SHOW..., etc.). Queries following this type of query will not be sent to mySQL.

    Please also note that each new line starting with a pound sign (#) will be treated as a comment and will be skipped.

  • Run queries saved in a file
    Queries that are saved in a file, especially a backup file created by SQL Dump, can also be sent to mySQL in SQL Monitor. Specify the path to the file and press "go" to begin. The same rules mentioned in Run queries in the text window apply here as well.
  • Save queries
    Up to 10 queries entered in the text area can be saved. All queries saved will be displayed in a table below the text area. Once the 10 slots are full, the oldest query will be delete when a new query is saved. Each query can be run and deleted anytime.
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