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MySQL client programs generally require that you specify connection parameters when you want to access a MySQL server: the host you want to connect to, your user name and your password. If the host is left blank then 'localhost' is used by default. Please note that the login info is saved in cookies. You will need to enable cookies in order to log in.

If you performed an action that you were not given the privilege to perform, the script will prompt you to enter log in as another user.

While using MySQLMan, you can switch to another user anytime by clicking on the "login" link on the tool bar and enter another host/username/password set. After to values are set to cookies, you will be brought to the page where you clicked the "login" link. However, if the user you just switched to does not have the privilege to see that page, then you will be prompted to login again.

For more informaiton on the MySQL access privilege system, please refer to mySQL online manual at

  • Skipping the login page
    You can skip the login page and connect to a database directly by setting "direct_connect" to 1 in the config file (mysql.cfg). I.e.
    # --------------------------------------------------------
    # MySQLMan allows user to skip the login page and connect
    # to a database directly. (On = 1, Off = 0)
        direct_connect => 1,
    You will need to set "direct_db", "direct_host", etc. as necessary. Please refer to the config file for more detail.
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