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Export data in a table to a file or to the screen. The link to the tool can be found in the tool bar once a table is selected.

Please note that import is just a frontend for mySQL's SELECT... INTO OUTFILE... command. For more details, please refer to mySQL online manual at

  • Run as default
    Press "Export" to print the info to screen.

    Or, choose "Export to file" and enter the the path to the export file in the text field after "Path:" then press "Export". Please note that the file cannot already exist.

  • Export selected fields
    If you do not wish to export all the fields in the table selected to the file, then you can select the fields that you want to export. First of all, check "Selected Fields". Fields in the current table are displayed in Fields in table table_name window. You then add the fields that you wish to export from that window to the window Fields selected one at a time by clicking on "Add >" after each field is selected in Fields in table table_name window. Please note that in the exported file, the order of the data fields will follow the order of fields selected in the Fields selected window.
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