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SIDPlug v1.1.5 (Linux)
Netscape Navigator wrapper plug-in

* *

The above should cause the plug-in to get active. Alternatively you can add the hidden argument to disable the small window. If you do so, please use the ``Get SIDPlug'' icon to link to the download or plug-in guide page.

Right now you should be listening to ``Lazy+Fast'' by Geir Tjelta. Documentation on how to use sidtunes on web pages can be found here.

Remove any conflicting plugin and/or helper application.
Install the file ``'' either in




(or) in any convenient directory and point environment variable
     NPX_PLUGIN_PATH to point to the directory. It is advisable
     that the plugins (.so) are the only files in that directory.

Usually this should be enough. If you have assigned an application to the
MIME type audio/prs.sid, remove that one and check for successful installation:

 - Start the Netscape Navigator.
 - Click Menu ``Options'' -> ``General Preferences'' -> ``Helpers''.
 - Watch the left column for occurence of ``audio/x-sidtune''.
   The right column should read ``Plug in:''.
   If not, click ``Edit'' -> ``Plug In'' -> ``OK''.

Alternatively, you can set up the plug-in manually:

 - Start the Netscape Navigator.
 - Click Menu ``Options'' -> ``General Preferences'' -> ``Helpers''.
 - Click ``New''. 
 - As MIME-type enter ``audio/x-sidtune''.
 - Watch the name ``'' appear in the checkbox at the bottom.
 - Click ``Plug In'' -> ``OK''.
In case of problems:

 - Exit the Netscape Navigator.
 - Remove the plugin file.
 - Remove the local plugin list file (~/netscape/plugin-list).
 - Remove anything related to the used MIME types from ~/.mailcap.
 - Start the Netscape Navigator.
 - Exit the Netscape Navigator.
 - Re-install the plugin from scratch.

If you have previously assigned a helper application to the same MIME type(s) which this plug-in uses, you will need to remove that assignment.

The wrapper plug-in tries to execute the file sidplug. You can decide whether you link to sidplay or xsidplay.

Restart the Navigator and check the plug-in help page whether plug-in has been found (about:plugins). You need to enable JavaScript in order to watch that page.

Note: This wrapper version of SIDPlug ignores any parameters except SONG=value.

Currently supported plug-in arguments are:

to select a specific subsong number, other than the default one (use 0 for the default).

FILTER=true or false
to enable/disable the SID filter emulation.
Default: true

SIDPlug allows the HTML page creator to provide a recommended audio playback configuration. If a soundcard is not capable of the settings, the plug-in tries to select the closest possible configuration. In case of problems it will stay silent. Currently supported arguments in the configurable version are:

FREQUENCY=value between 11025 and 48000
to select the playback frequency.
Default: 44100

BITS=8 or 16
to select the resolution of the output signal.
Default: 16

STEREO=true or false
to select stereo (true) or mono (false) output.
Default: true

SURROUND=true or false
to enable/disable stereo surround.
Default: false

PANNING=0 or 1 or 2
to select no auto-panning (0), normal auto-panning (1) or centered auto-panning (2).
Default: 2