6. Macros

6.1. Overview

The macros available are summarised below.

Name Purpose
build_title build a title page
block begin a block of text
endblock end a block of text
include include another file
execute include output from a command
init initialise variables (before loading configuration files)
define set a variable
default set a variable (if not already set)
undef clear a variable
export export a variable to the format driver (and/or mark it for later exporting)
restrict declare a restricted family of variables
import import an external object (e.g. figure)
clear reset text wrapping around a figure
inherit inherit entities from a library
use load a library module
macro begin a macro definition
endmacro end a macro definition
insert call a macro
class define a class of objects
catalog build a catalog from objects already loaded
Conditional text:  
if begin conditional text
elsif begin a conditional section
else begin alternative section
endif end conditional text
elseif same as elsif
Event processing:  
on specify processing for an event
off disable processing previously specified
File processing:  
output dynamically change the output file used
script execute a line of Perl
message output a message during execution
line change message parameters
slide_down decrease heading levels (e.g. H2 -> H3)
slide_up increase heading levels (e.g. H2 -> H1)
getdoc extract documentation embedded in source code
getcode extract source code (i.e. non-documentation) from a file
getcli extract command-line interface information
perlapi extract API information from a Perl library
jumps generates lines of jumps
subsections specify the subsections for a topic
continued continue a heading from a previous page
end_topic mark the end of a topic

Further details on these are provided below.

block Macro

build_title Macro

catalog Macro

class Macro

clear Macro

continued Macro

default Macro

define Macro

else Macro

elseif Macro

elsif Macro

end_topic Macro

endblock Macro

endif Macro

endmacro Macro

execute Macro

export Macro

getcli Macro

getcode Macro

getdoc Macro

if Macro

import Macro

include Macro

inherit Macro

init Macro

insert Macro

jumps Macro

line Macro

macro Macro

message Macro

off Macro

on Macro

output Macro

perlapi Macro

restrict Macro

script Macro

slide_down Macro

slide_up Macro

subsections Macro

undef Macro

use Macro