Report Magic for Analog Documentation

For changes that resulted in the current version see What's New.

Version 1.42 Service Release

  • Fixed a performance bug in bar chart generation
  • Fixed several minor rendering problems to improve graphs
  • Fixed several issues in GDGraph3d module. Source package users will need to get version 0.41 (installed by Install.PL script)

Version 1.41 Service Release

  • Fixed version in install directory on Source Package
  • A new version (0.40) of GDGraph3d is available to fix compatability issues with GD::Graph 1.30.
  • Fixed a font face bug in report footers.
  • Removed extraneous 'rmagic:' prefixes in reports.
  • Fixed bug in "General_Rows=ALL" implementation.
  • Fixed 'divide by zero' bug in large data sets on line graphs.
  • Fixed a date formatting bug where leading zeroes showed where they shouldn't.

Version 1.4 General Release

  • Hierarchical reports and support for Analog 4.1
  • Support for line numbering defined by Analog.
  • Only top level items are numbered in hierarchical reports.
  • Only numbered items are graphed or sumarized.
  • Unknown columns are ignored, not the entire report containing them.
  • Output messages prepended with 'rmagic: '.
  • Install.PL script (for Source Package) does error checking when copying.
  • Host URL linked in the General Summary.
  • Units added to Total Data Transferred in the General Summary.
  • In the Source Package, the Install.PL script no longer automatically upgrades the Perl modules GD, File::Spec or HTML::Parser.
  • Fixed ALL in Quick Summary to include all reports.
  • Fixed bug that improperly formatted IP numbers in reports.
  • On Unix-like systems, Report Magic will now work as a symbolic link.
  • Changed all references to Analog website to
  • Fixed bug whereby Verbose setting only worked from command-line
  • Fixed input handling for pipe support. In order to pipe from Analog, you must use a syntax like 'analog | perl' ('perl' is NOT optional).
  • Fixed bugs in parsing and output of sort orders.
  • Fixed bug in Install.PL that mis-typed GDGraph3D.
  • Changed 'perl -V' in docs/isnt_src.html to 'perl -v'.
  • Updated sample settings files to 1.4 syntax.
  • Changed referenced to X11 colors in docs to HTML color names.
  • Fixed various grammatical problems in English and Italian files.

Version 1.31 Service Release

  • Fixed y-values bug in GDGraph3D
  • Fixed mis-matched links (windows and mac install) on docs/map.html
  • Fixed missing target for Report Magic and Analog links on reports
  • Updated install script to cover reduce possible error messages
  • Added -only_modules option to install script.
  • Fixes divide by zero bug in quick summary.
  • Updated documentation on source package installation.
  • Improved date insertions to allow for multiple insertions.
  • Documented the point size option on Graph_Font setting.
  • Fixed a bug in graph colors where background and foreground were the same.
  • Fixed a bug in error logging. All errors now go to the error logfile.

Version 1.3 General Release

  • Quick Summary sort changed to sort in the order given in the settings file.
  • TrueType fonts now supported in the graphs using a setting Graph_Font in the [report] section of the settings files.
  • Improved install procedure on source package.
  • Error logs are now appended rather than overwritten.
  • Date insertions supported in configuration settings [statistics] Log_File, [statistics] Include, [statistics] File_In and [website]Title.
  • Output CharacterSet support (Mainly for translators, especially Japanese).
  • Fixed portability bug in settings file locater.[JL]
  • Fixed bug whereby ascii escape sequences where showing up in graphs.
  • Fixed case sensitivity bug in settings file name.
  • Fixed bug where bullets weren't being added in the navigation.
  • Fixed 'MostAktive' bug in lang/de/rdata.ini.
  • German language files shortDays needs to change to 2 letters for 4.0.[MV]
  • Fixed bug in Quick Summary date formatting.
  • Fixed bug in Mac Always_Quit option.
  • Changed decoding of HTML entities into Latin-1 for ttf.

Version 1.2 General Release

  • Updated reports and columns for compatability with Analog 4.0.
  • New non-frames mode allows navigation menu to be included in report page.
  • [statistics] Frame_File_Out will default to 'index.html', assuming a frameset is being built.
  • If [reports] File_Out is a directory, then Report Magic will build each report in its own file in this directory. If it is a filename then Report Magic will put all the reports in this one file.
  • [statistics] One_File is deprecated.
  • Input from STDIN by using the special filename '-' in the setting [statistics] File_In.
  • Output to STDOUT by setting [reports] File_Out to the filename '-'.
  • New keywords, ALL and NONE for [statistics] General_Summary and Summary_Rows.
  • New optional settings file format, '.conf', replaces the old '.cfg' file format. The standard and popular '.ini' file format still works.

  • Report magic will autodetect the format of your settings file regardless of the filename.
  • Deprecated PNG_Graphs option from [statistics] section of settings files. This is autodetermined by Report Magic based on the capability of the installed library (or binary distribution).
  • Deprecated One_File option from [statistics] section of the settings files. Report Magic determines this based on the setting Out_File in the [reports] section.
  • Fixed a bug where settings filenames with a '-' were not read from the command line.
  • Many variable initialization warnings were fixed, providing better performance.(MV) Some still to go.
  • Improved startup messages and performance in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the 'default' language for a site would override any language settings.
  • Fixed a minor bug in ini-style settings file interpretation.
  • Fixed a bug whereby days of the week, in Japanese, were formatted as numbers.

Version 1.11 Service Release

  • Windows Binary package creates PNG format graph files.
  • Fixed Report Magic version, added OS.
  • Added Analog version to bottom of reports when available.
  • Clarified character set usage in graphs and decomosed non-latin-2 characters so that graphs are more accurately spelled in non-english.
  • Fixed a bug in the report maxima when Active_Column was not set.
  • Improved source so that it is 'strict'.

Version 1.1 General Release

  • New setting is called Log_File and is under the [statistics] tells Report Magic to write all error or notification messages to a file instead of the display.
  • On Mac platform, only, new setting Always_Quit in the [statistics] section tells Report Magic to quit the program whenever any error occurs. (Normally it leaves the "console" window up so you can see any messages.) If you are using the logging option (above) it will also quit the program on errors. This option has no effect on non-Mac platforms.
  • New setting No_Robots in the [statistics] section tells Report Magic to add a NO_ROBOTS Meta tag to each output file. This tells robots who are spidering your site (and obey these robot exclusion rules extensions) not to index these pages.
  • New setting Company_Logo in the [statistics] section allows you to include your company logo or other statements in each report file. Using this option will hide the normal logos replacing them with the contents of the filename you provide.
  • If you install the new libgd /, GIF files are no longer possible. Instead the superior PNG format is being used (this is due to patent issues with Unisys and the GIF file format). If you are upgrading from an older version and already have an older version of libgd then your will still get GIF images.
  • You can tell Report Magic reports to find images (currently just the logos) in a single place on the web, rather than in the local directory. The new setting Image_Dir under the [reports] section gives the location (directory) of the images in URL syntax. This can be a relative (e.g. '../images') or absolute (e.g. '') URL location.
  • New setting Language to the [statistics] section can be set to the language for that report. Report Magic looks in the lang directory under the directory it was installed in for a directory containing each language's set of files.
  • New setting Verbose under [statistics] allows you to control what kind of messages Report Magic tells when running. The valid values are N for Notices, W for Warnings and E for errors. The default is to output all. To tell Report Magic to be absolutely quiet use the keyword NONE.
  • You can include the contents of another setting file with the setting Include in the [statistics] section. This takes the name of a settings file whose values will be included.
  • Command-line options have been added that can override settings file settings. All the options use the same name as the settings file option with a '-' preprended. That is, the name of the section (in the .ini file format) follwed by and underscore ('_') followed by the parameter name.
  • New feature that you can use in output filenames in your settings file to have them include a date. All output filenames (report, index, navigation page, output directory and error logging file) can now contain a code like %yymmdd% where the current date should be inserted. Everything between the '%' symbols is used as a date format specifier. See the Date Format Reference for details on the format string.
  • Output files can also use the key code %infile% to inserting the name of the input filename in the output file's name. Note that %infile% is the input file name without the extension.

  • Graphs now use a new 3D style. This means bar charts and line charts are now extruded into a third dimmension. Pie charts, which were already 3D, have been fixed to include the labels when they are short enough.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Report Magic to not be able to interpret input files with a hostname that contained the character sequence 'IP'.
  • All fonts and colors are now handled as optional. If a font or color is not specified in the settings file, then no tag will be written. This should help to keep the file size down.
  • The color used for graph text, label and line colors was changed to match text color for reports (reports_Text_Color). The support is minimal (because of limitations in the GIFgraph module) but should help, especially when using a black background. You can use any text color that happens to be predefined by GIFgraph. This includes 'black' and 'white' as well as the following hex-code colors:
  • The setting Title was moved from the [reports] section to the [website] section. Exisiting settings files don't need to be changed -- Report Magic will read it either way. This just seems like a more logical place for it.
  • The ColSpan option in rdata.ini has been deprecated. Report Magic now knows inherently how to span columns based on the type if report.
  • Internationalization was improved by spliting up Command-Output and HTML-Output items in language files. This was accomplished by changing the text in items N0001, N0003 and E0010 in lang.ini.
  • Improved internationalization by implementing a %0, %1, %2, ... replacement formatting instead of the %s that was used in lang.ini.
  • With 1.19 module from CPAN, there are new fonts for graphs to support Latin-1, Latin-2 and other character sets including 16-bit characters.
  • Item S0009 under [Text] in lang.ini has been deprecated in favor of a more internationlaized solution: There is now a new item in rdata.ini for each report. 'MostActive' provides the description used for the report by the Quick Summary. This way each report can be handled properly with respect to gender and case.

Version 1.0 General Release

  • Changed the date format specification used in the rdata.ini, cdata.ini and lang.ini files to use the symbol 'n' for minutes. This allows any character to separate times (as in italian 'h,nn').
  • Fixed a bug that cropped up in command-line specified settings files
  • Fixed a bug that broke the date ouput on the general summary
  • Added percent symbols to all language files
  • Modified bar graph number formats to have no decimal values for internationalization
  • Orgazined chart colors to be easily distiguishable by color-blind viewers
  • Unescaped any HTML Entities before writing graph text
  • Modified "Other" pie slice to only exists if it includes more than one slice
  • Fixed a bug in the FLOOR descriptions

Version 1.0 BETA 3

  • Portability was achieved across all major Perl platforms
  • Five separate languages are now available
  • Pie and Bar charts in the same report use consistent coloring
  • Fixed a truncation problem for IP addresses
  • Fixed the Weekend summary names in Daily Summary to be locale compatible
  • Fixed a potential infinite loop problem in the getDateString member
  • Fixed a bug which improperly handled rows with no data value name
  • Made capitalization consitent between chart type filenames and links
  • Report Magic now properly handles data rows with no data name
  • Report Magic now check for the existence of settings files before trying to open them
  • Items like "[not listed: XXX]" will no longer appear in Quick Summary. NOTE that the fix to this now makes it impossible to summarize any items that have been OUTPUTALIASed to look like the above.
  • Fixed a bug where the last digit of number was lost if ListSeparator was blank or nonexistant
  • Removed the subtitle on bargraphs because it was not internationalized and provided no more useful information.
  • The start and end times for the report period are now formatted exactly like the report generation time. (O0008 under [Text] in lang.ini)
  • Swapped order of weekend and weekday summaries.
  • Changed the text of "Peak Time" to "Peak Entry".
  • Modified encoding of data values to support HTML-encoded data
  • Fixed a bug whereby non-English languages didn't properly total Weekends in the Daily Summary. (Why did the English one work?)

Version 1.0 BETA 2

  • Multilingual support in lang directory
  • New statistics_Meta_Refresh added to expire pages
  • Supports FLOOR and SORTBY data and column changes
  • Properly handles all fields of a D type column.
  • Properly handles date-type fields in General Summary.
  • Added support for 'f' floors and sort column in Analog 3.3 (Support for date floors though is very minimal.)
  • Report Magic now ignores lines containing unknown column specs.
  • Report Magic now only produces one error notice per line with an unknown row spec (or column spec).
  • A placeholder is inserted if no graph can be created.
  • All files now have Unix line endings. This works on both platforms.
  • Added initial '/' in #!/bin/perl in perl source (Sorry!).
  • Table summaries no longer contain HTML tags.
  • Program does not assume both count and percent data.

Version 1.0 BETA 1

  • Configuration file format was changed to make it more readable.
  • Pie charts use only indices because of a rendering bug in the module.
  • Configuration option statistics_Reverse_Time added to flip chart data in Time Reports.

For changes that resulted in pre-1.x versions see Changes 0.X.

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