Berkeley DB Reference Guide:
Building Berkeley DB for UNIX systems


Installing Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB installs the following files into the following locations, with the following default values:

Configuration VariablesDefault value
FilesDefault location
include files$(includedir)

With one exception, this follows the GNU Autoconf and GNU Coding Standards installation guidelines; please see that documentation for more information and rationale.

The single exception is the Berkeley DB documentation. The Berkeley DB documentation is provided in HTML format, not in UNIX-style man or GNU info format. For this reason, Berkeley DB configuration does not support --infodir or --mandir. To change the default installation location for the Berkeley DB documentation, modify the Makefile variable, docdir.

To move the entire installation tree to somewhere besides /usr/local, change the value of prefix.

To move the binaries and libraries to a different location, change the value of exec_prefix. The values of includedir and libdir may be similarly changed.

Any of these values except for docdir may be set as part of the configuration:

prompt: ../dist/configure --bindir=/usr/local/bin

Any of these values, including docdir, may be changed when doing the install itself:

prompt: make prefix=/usr/contrib/bdb install

The Berkeley DB installation process will attempt to create any directories that do not already exist on the system.


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