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iString Struct Reference

This is a SCF-compatible interface for csString. More...

#include <string.h>

Inheritance diagram for iString:

iBase scfString List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual void SetCapacity (size_t NewSize)=0
 Set string capacity to NewSize characters (plus one for ending NULL).

virtual void Truncate (size_t iPos)=0
 Truncate the string.

virtual void Reclaim ()=0
 Set string maximal capacity to current string length.

void Clear ()
 Clear the string (so that it contains only ending NULL character).

virtual iString* Clone () const=0
 Get a copy of this string.

virtual char* GetData () const=0
 Get a pointer to ASCIIZ string.

virtual size_t Length () const=0
 Query string length.

bool IsEmpty () const
 Check if string is empty.

virtual char& operator[] (size_t iPos)=0
 Get a reference to iPos'th character.

virtual void SetAt (size_t iPos, char iChar)=0
 Set characetr number iPos to iChar.

virtual char GetAt (size_t iPos) const=0
 Get character at position iPos.

virtual void Insert (size_t iPos, iString *iStr)=0
 Insert another string into this one at position iPos.

virtual void Overwrite (size_t iPos, iString *iStr)=0
 Overlay another string onto a part of this string.

virtual iString& Append (const char *iStr, size_t iCount=(size_t)-1)=0
 Append an ASCIIZ string to this one (up to iCount characters).

virtual iString& Append (const iString *iStr, size_t iCount=(size_t)-1)=0
 Append a string to this one (possibly iCount characters from the string).

virtual void Replace (const iString *iStr, size_t iCount=(size_t)-1)=0
 Replace contents of this string with the contents of another.

virtual bool Compare (const iString *iStr) const=0
 Check if two strings are equal.

virtual bool CompareNoCase (const iString *iStr) const=0
 Compare two strings ignoring case.

iString& operator+= (const iString &iStr)
 Append another string to this.

iString& operator+= (const char *iStr)
 Append an ASCIIZ to this string.

iString& operator+ (const iString &iStr) const
 Concatenate two strings and return a third one.

 operator const char * () const
 Convert iString into ASCIIZ.

bool operator== (const iString &iStr) const
 Check if two strings are equal.

Detailed Description

This is a SCF-compatible interface for csString.

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