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iStreamFormat Struct Reference

Stream format. More...

#include <codec.h>

Inheritance diagram for iStreamFormat:

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Public Methods

virtual void GetCaps (csStreamFormatCap &caps)=0
 Retrieve the decoder capabilities.

virtual iStreamIterator* GetStreamIterator ()=0
 Get an iterator to enumerate the streams.

virtual void Select (iAudioStream *pAudio, iVideoStream *pVideo)=0
 Choose a video and audio stream to be played when calling NextFrame.

virtual void NextFrame ()=0
 Call this in your main loop between BeginDraw and EndDraw. More...

virtual bool Load (iFile *pVideoData)=0
 Load the videodata from the following source.

virtual void Unload ()=0
 Unload this video. More...

Detailed Description

Stream format.

Member Function Documentation

void iStreamFormat::NextFrame ( ) [pure virtual]

Call this in your main loop between BeginDraw and EndDraw.

This will decode the next frame from the video and draw it to the rectangle set in SetRect (). This is an convenience function only. You achieve the same results by calling this explicitly for the streams to play.

void iStreamFormat::Unload ( ) [pure virtual]

Unload this video.

All streams become invalid. This is automatically called by Load (). Prior to the final DecRef of this plugin you have to call this yourself.

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