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iPolygonBuffer Member List

This is the complete list of members for iPolygonBuffer, including all inherited members.
  • AddMaterial(iMaterialHandle *mat_handle)=0 [pure virtual]
  • AddPolygon(int *verts, int num_verts, const csPlane3 &poly_normal, int mat_index, const csMatrix3 &m_obj2tex, const csVector3 &v_obj2tex, iPolygonTexture *poly_texture)=0 [pure virtual]
  • Clear()=0 [pure virtual]
  • DecRef()=0 [pure virtual]
  • GetMaterial(int idx) const=0 [pure virtual]
  • GetMaterialCount() const=0 [pure virtual]
  • GetRefCount()=0 [pure virtual]
  • GetVertexCount() const=0 [pure virtual]
  • GetVertices() const=0 [pure virtual]
  • IncRef()=0 [pure virtual]
  • QueryInterface(scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion)=0 [pure virtual]
  • QueryInterfaceSafe(iBase *ibase, scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion) [inline, static]
  • SetMaterial(int idx, iMaterialHandle *mat_handle)=0 [pure virtual]
  • SetVertexArray(csVector3 *verts, int num_verts)=0 [pure virtual]

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