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iPolyTxtPlane Struct Reference

This is the interface to a texture plane. More...

#include <polytmap.h>

Inheritance diagram for iPolyTxtPlane:

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Public Methods

virtual csPolyTxtPlaneGetPrivateObject ()=0
 @ Ugly. More...

virtual iObjectQueryObject ()=0
 Get the iObject for this texture plane.

virtual void SetTextureSpace (const csVector3 &v_orig, const csVector3 &v1, float len1, const csVector3 &v2, float len2)=0
 Set texture space mapping.

virtual void SetTextureSpace (const csMatrix3 &tx_matrix, const csVector3 &tx_vector)=0
 Set texture space mapping.

virtual void GetTextureSpace (csMatrix3 &tx_matrix, csVector3 &tx_vector)=0
 Get the transformation from object to texture space.

Detailed Description

This is the interface to a texture plane.

This is a plane that defines the orientation and offset of a texture. It can be used by several polygons to let the textures fit perfectly.

Member Function Documentation

csPolyTxtPlane * iPolyTxtPlane::GetPrivateObject ( ) [pure virtual]

@ Ugly.


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