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iMouseDriver Struct Reference

Generic Mouse Driver.<. More...

#include <csinput.h>

Inheritance diagram for iMouseDriver:

iBase csMouseDriver List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual void SetDoubleClickTime (int iTime, size_t iDist)=0
 Set double-click mouse parameters.

virtual void Reset ()=0
 Call to release all mouse buttons * (when focus switches from application window, for example).

virtual int GetLastX ()=0
 Query last mouse X position.

virtual int GetLastY ()=0
 Query last mouse Y position.

virtual bool GetLastButton (int button)=0
 Query the last known mouse button state.

virtual void DoButton (int button, bool down, int x, int y)=0
 Call this to add a 'mouse button down/up' event to queue.

virtual void DoMotion (int x, int y)=0
 Call this to add a 'mouse moved' event to queue.

Detailed Description

Generic Mouse Driver.<.

p> Mouse driver should generate events and put them into the event queue. Also it is responsible for generating double-click events. Typically, one instance of this object is available from the shared-object registry (iObjectRegistry) under the name "crystalspace.driver.input.generic.mouse".

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