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iMaterialWrapper Struct Reference

A material wrapper is an engine-level object that wraps around an actual material (iMaterialHandle). More...

#include <material.h>

Inheritance diagram for iMaterialWrapper:

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Public Methods

virtual csMaterialWrapperGetPrivateObject ()=0
 @Ugly. More...

virtual iObjectQueryObject ()=0
 Get the iObject for this material.

virtual iMaterialWrapper* Clone () const=0
 Create a clone this material wrapper, using the same material handle.

virtual void SetMaterialHandle (iMaterialHandle *mat)=0
 Change the material handle. More...

virtual iMaterialHandleGetMaterialHandle ()=0
 Get the material handle.

virtual void SetMaterial (iMaterial *material)=0
 Change the base material. More...

virtual iMaterialGetMaterial ()=0
 Get the original material.

virtual void Register (iTextureManager *txtmng)=0
 Register the material with the texture manager.

virtual void Visit ()=0
 Visit this material. More...

Detailed Description

A material wrapper is an engine-level object that wraps around an actual material (iMaterialHandle).

Every material in the engine is represented by a material wrapper, which keeps the pointer to the material handle, its name, and possibly the base material object that was registered to create the material handle.

Member Function Documentation

csMaterialWrapper * iMaterialWrapper::GetPrivateObject ( ) [pure virtual]



void iMaterialWrapper::SetMaterial ( iMaterial * material ) [pure virtual]

Change the base material.

Note: The changes will not be visible until you re-register the material.

void iMaterialWrapper::SetMaterialHandle ( iMaterialHandle * mat ) [pure virtual]

Change the material handle.

Note: This will also change the base material to NULL.

void iMaterialWrapper::Visit ( ) [pure virtual]

Visit this material.

This should be called by the engine right before using the material. It will call Visit() on all textures that are used.

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