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iLoaderContext Struct Reference

This interface gives the context for the loader. More...

#include <ldrctxt.h>

Inheritance diagram for iLoaderContext:

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Public Methods

virtual iSectorFindSector (const char *name)=0
 Find a sector.

virtual iMaterialWrapperFindMaterial (const char *name)=0
 Find a material.

virtual iMeshFactoryWrapperFindMeshFactory (const char *name)=0
 Find a mesh factory.

virtual iMeshWrapperFindMeshObject (const char *name)=0
 Find a mesh object.

Detailed Description

This interface gives the context for the loader.

It basically gives loading plugins a way to find materials, meshes, and sectors. In all these cases region-qualified names can be used (i.e. 'regionname/objectname') or normal object names.

WARNING! When a context is created it should not be modified afterwards. Some loader plugins will keep a reference to the context when they support delayed loading. In that case they still need the original contents in the context. So a loader that creates a context should create a new one every time.

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