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iLightList Struct Reference

This structure represents a list of lights. More...

#include <light.h>

Inheritance diagram for iLightList:

iBase List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual int GetCount () const=0
 Return the number of lights in this list.

virtual iLightGet (int n) const=0
 Return a light by index.

virtual int Add (iLight *obj)=0
 Add a light.

virtual bool Remove (iLight *obj)=0
 Remove a light.

virtual bool Remove (int n)=0
 Remove the nth light.

virtual void RemoveAll ()=0
 Remove all lights.

virtual int Find (iLight *obj) const=0
 Find a light and return its index.

virtual iLightFindByName (const char *Name) const=0
 Find a light by name.

virtual iLightFindByID (unsigned long id) const=0
 Find a light by its ID value.

Detailed Description

This structure represents a list of lights.

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