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iIsoWorld Member List

This is the complete list of members for iIsoWorld, including all inherited members.
  • AddSprite(iIsoSprite *sprite)=0 [pure virtual]
  • CreateGrid(int width, int height)=0 [pure virtual]
  • DecRef()=0 [pure virtual]
  • Draw(iIsoRenderView *rview)=0 [pure virtual]
  • FindGrid(const csVector3 &pos)=0 [pure virtual]
  • GetRefCount()=0 [pure virtual]
  • IncRef()=0 [pure virtual]
  • MoveSprite(iIsoSprite *sprite, const csVector3 &oldpos, const csVector3 &newpos)=0 [pure virtual]
  • QueryInterface(scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion)=0 [pure virtual]
  • QueryInterfaceSafe(iBase *ibase, scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion) [inline, static]
  • RemoveSprite(iIsoSprite *sprite)=0 [pure virtual]

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