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iIsoRenderView Struct Reference

a view being rendered onto the screen. More...

#include <iso.h>

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Public Methods

virtual iIsoViewGetView () const=0
 get the view for this rendering.

virtual iGraphics3DGetG3D () const=0
 get g3d.

virtual int GetRenderPass () const=0
 get the pass number, see CSISO_RENDERPASS_... defines.

virtual iClipper2DGetClipper () const=0
 get the clipper.

virtual void GetPrecalcGrid (int &startx, int &starty, int &scanw, int &scanh, float &cellpery) const=0
 get precalc grid values.

virtual float GetMinZ () const=0
 get minimum z value (screen.z - minz is > 1), a lower bound.

virtual void SetMinZ (float val)=0
 set the minimum z value.

virtual void AddPolyFX (int materialindex, G3DPolygonDPFX *g3dpolyfx, uint mixmode)=0
 add a component to draw between MAIN and FG passes, give materialindex.

Detailed Description

a view being rendered onto the screen.

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