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iIsoEngine Struct Reference

SCF Interface to the isometric engine. More...

#include <iso.h>

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Public Methods

virtual iObjectRegistryGetObjectRegistry () const=0
 Get the system.

virtual iGraphics2DGetG2D () const=0
 Get the 2d canvas.

virtual iGraphics3DGetG3D () const=0
 Get the 3d renderer.

virtual iTextureManagerGetTextureManager () const=0
 Get the texture manager.

virtual int GetBeginDrawFlags () const=0
 flags to pass to g3d->BeginDraw().

virtual iIsoWorldCreateWorld ()=0
 Create a new world.

virtual iIsoViewCreateView (iIsoWorld *world)=0
 Create new view on the given world.

virtual iIsoLightCreateLight ()=0
 create a new light.

virtual iIsoSpriteCreateSprite ()=0
 Create new sprite.

virtual iIsoMeshSpriteCreateMeshSprite ()=0
 Create a new mesh sprite.

virtual iIsoSpriteCreateFloorSprite (const csVector3 &pos, float w, float h)=0
 (convenience) create new floor/ceiling tile.

virtual iIsoSpriteCreateFrontSprite (const csVector3 &pos, float w, float h)=0
 (convenience) create new front-facing sprite (for objects).

virtual iIsoSpriteCreateZWallSprite (const csVector3 &pos, float w, float h)=0
 (convenience) create new wall along z sprite (along x in grids).

virtual iIsoSpriteCreateXWallSprite (const csVector3 &pos, float w, float h)=0
 (convenience) create new wall along x sprite (along y in grids).

virtual iMaterialListGetMaterialList ()=0
 Get the list of materials.

virtual iMaterialWrapperCreateMaterialWrapper (const char *vfsfilename, const char *materialname)=0
 Create a new materialwrapper for the iso engine from the given file (on the VFS), resulting in a material with that texture.

virtual iMeshFactoryListGetMeshFactories ()=0
 Get the list of mesh factories.

virtual iMeshFactoryWrapperCreateMeshFactory (const char *classId, const char *name)=0
 Load and add a mesh factory, given classID under given name.

virtual iMeshFactoryWrapperCreateMeshFactory (const char *name)=0
 Create an empty meshfactory (used by iIsoLoader).

Detailed Description

SCF Interface to the isometric engine.

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