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iExplosionState Struct Reference

This interface describes the API for the explosion mesh object. More...

#include <explode.h>

Inheritance diagram for iExplosionState:

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Public Methods

virtual void SetParticleCount (int num)=0
 Set the number of particles to use.

virtual int GetParticleCount () const=0
 Get the number of particles.

virtual void SetCenter (const csVector3 &center)=0
 Set the explosion center.

virtual const csVector3GetCenter () const=0
 Get the explosion center.

virtual void SetPush (const csVector3 &push)=0
 Set the push vector.

virtual const csVector3GetPush () const=0
 Get the push vector.

virtual void SetNrSides (int nr_sides)=0
 Set the number of sides.

virtual int GetNrSides () const=0
 Get the number of sides.

virtual void SetPartRadius (float part_radius)=0
 Set the radius of all particles.

virtual float GetPartRadius () const=0
 Get the radius of all particles.

virtual void SetLighting (bool l)=0
 Enable or disable lighting.

virtual bool GetLighting () const=0
 See if lighting is enabled or disabled.

virtual void SetSpreadPos (float spread_pos)=0
 Set the spread position.

virtual float GetSpreadPos () const=0
 Get the spread position.

virtual void SetSpreadSpeed (float spread_speed)=0
 Set the spread speed.

virtual float GetSpreadSpeed () const=0
 Get the spread speed.

virtual void SetSpreadAcceleration (float spread_accel)=0
 Set the spread acceleration.

virtual float GetSpreadAcceleration () const=0
 Get the spread acceleration.

virtual void SetFadeSprites (csTicks fade_time)=0
 Set particles to be scaled to nothing starting at fade_particles msec before self-destruct.

virtual bool GetFadeSprites (csTicks &fade_time) const=0
 See if particles are faded (returns true), and returns fade time too.

virtual void AddLight (iEngine *, iSector *, csTicks fade=200)=0
 Add a light at explosion center. More...

Detailed Description

This interface describes the API for the explosion mesh object.

Member Function Documentation

void iExplosionState::AddLight ( iEngine *,
iSector *,
csTicks fade = 200 ) [pure virtual]

Add a light at explosion center.

add msec when light starts fading, which is used when time_to_live is set / SelfDestruct is used.

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