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iEvent Struct Reference

This interface describes any system event.<. More...

#include <event.h>

Inheritance diagram for iEvent:

iBase csEvent List of all members.

Public Attributes

uint8 Type
uint8 Category
uint8 SubCategory
uint8 Flags
csTicks Time
int Code
int Char
int Modifiers
   struct {
      int   Code
      int   Char
      int   Modifiers
   } Key
int x
int y
int Button
   struct {
      int   x
      int   y
      int   Button
      int   Modifiers
   } Mouse
int number
   struct {
      int   number
      int   x
      int   y
      int   Button
      int   Modifiers
   } Joystick
uint Code
void* Info
   struct {
      uint   Code
      void*   Info
   } Command

Detailed Description

This interface describes any system event.<.

p> Events can be generated by hardware (keyboard, mouse) as well as by software (commands and broadcasts). Not all events neccessarily pass through the system event queue; you may organize point-to-point event flows between some plugins and so on.

The events can be generated by the event outlet (see the CreateEvent method in iEventOutlet) if you don't want to create your own implementations of this interface. On the other hand, if you want to provide extra functionality you may subclass iEvent interface and add another interface (say iExtEvent) then you may query that interface using normal SCF QueryInterface method.

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