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iCameraPosition Struct Reference

A camera position. More...

#include <campos.h>

Inheritance diagram for iCameraPosition:

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Public Methods

virtual iObjectQueryObject ()=0
 Get the iObject for this camera position.

virtual iCameraPosition* Clone () const=0
 Create a clone this camera position.

virtual const char* GetSector ()=0
 Return the home sector.

virtual void SetSector (const char *Name)=0
 Set the home sector.

virtual const csVector3GetPosition ()=0
 Return the position.

virtual void SetPosition (const csVector3 &p)=0
 Set the position.

virtual const csVector3GetUpwardVector ()=0
 Return the 'up' vector.

virtual void SetUpwardVector (const csVector3 &v)=0
 Set the 'up' vector.

virtual const csVector3GetForwardVector ()=0
 Return the 'front' vector.

virtual void SetForwardVector (const csVector3 &v)=0
 Set the 'front' vector.

virtual void Set (const char *sector, const csVector3 &pos, const csVector3 &forward, const csVector3 &upward)=0
 Set all attributes of the camera position.

virtual bool Load (iCamera *, iEngine *)=0
 Load the camera position into a camera object.

virtual void SetFarPlane (csPlane3 *pl)=0
 Set the 3D far plane used to clip all geometry. More...

virtual void ClearFarPlane ()=0
 Clear the far plane so no clipping will occur. More...

virtual csPlane3GetFarPlane () const=0
 Get the current far plane (or NULL if none is defined).

Detailed Description

A camera position.

This object can be used to initialize a camera object to a certain state. It has the following properties:

  • Home sector name: This name is used to find the home sector of the camera in the engine when the camera position is applied.
  • Position: Position of the camera
  • Upward and forward vectors: These vectors define the orientation of the camera. More exactly, they are used to compute the transformation of the camera.
  • A far plane used to clip geometry which is too far away.

Member Function Documentation

void iCameraPosition::ClearFarPlane ( ) [pure virtual]

Clear the far plane so no clipping will occur.

This is equivalent to SetFarPlane(NULL).

void iCameraPosition::SetFarPlane ( csPlane3 * pl ) [pure virtual]

Set the 3D far plane used to clip all geometry.

If the pointer is NULL then far plane clipping will be disabled. Otherwise it will be enabled and the plane will be copied (so you can free or reuse the pointer you give here). Note that the far-plane will cull away geometry which is on the negative side of the plane (with csPlane3::Classify() function).

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