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iAwsKeyFactory Struct Reference

Interface for key factories. More...

#include <aws.h>

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Public Methods

virtual void Initialize (iString *name, iString *component_type)=0
 Initializes the factory , name is the name of this component, component type is it's type.

virtual void AddToWindowList (iAwsPrefManager *pm)=0
 Adds this factory's base to the window manager IF the base is a window.

virtual void AddFactory (iAwsKeyFactory *factory)=0
 Adds the given factory's base in as a child of this factory.

virtual void AddIntKey (iString *name, int v)=0
 Add an integer key.

virtual void AddStringKey (iString *name, iString *v)=0
 Add a string key.

virtual void AddRectKey (iString *name, csRect v)=0
 Add a rect key.

virtual void AddRGBKey (iString *name, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b)=0
 Add an RGB key.

virtual void AddPointKey (iString *name, csPoint v)=0
 Add a point key.

virtual void AddConnectionKey (iString *name, iAwsSink *s, unsigned long t, unsigned long sig)=0
 Add a connection key.

Detailed Description

Interface for key factories.

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