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iAws Struct Reference

Interface for the window manager. More...

#include <aws.h>

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Public Methods

virtual iAwsPrefManagerGetPrefMgr ()=0
 Get a pointer to the preference manager.

virtual iAwsSinkManagerGetSinkMgr ()=0
 Get a pointer to the sink manager.

virtual void SetPrefMgr (iAwsPrefManager *pmgr)=0
 Set the preference manager used by the window system.

virtual void RegisterComponentFactory (iAwsComponentFactory *factory, char *name)=0
 Allows a component to register itself for dynamic template instatiation via definition files.

virtual iAwsComponentFactoryFindComponentFactory (char *name)=0
 Find a component factory.

virtual iAwsWindowGetTopWindow ()=0
 Get the top window.

virtual void SetTopWindow (iAwsWindow *win)=0
 Set the top window.

virtual void Print (iGraphics3D *g3d, uint8 Alpha=0)=0
 Causes the current view of the window system to be drawn to the given graphics device.

virtual void Redraw ()=0
 Redraw whatever portions of the screen need it.

virtual void Mark (csRect &rect)=0
 Mark a region dirty.

virtual void Unmark (csRect &rect)=0
 Mark a section of the screen clean.

virtual void Erase (csRect &rect)=0
 Erase a section of the screen next round (only useful if AlwaysEraseWindows flag is set).

virtual void MaskEraser (csRect &rect)=0
 Mask off a section that has been marked to erase. This part won't be erased.

virtual void InvalidateUpdateStore ()=0
 Tell the system to rebuild the update store.

virtual void CaptureMouse (iAwsComponent *comp)=0
 Capture all mouse events until release is called, no matter where the mouse is.

virtual void ReleaseMouse ()=0
 Release the mouse events to go where they normally would.

virtual bool HandleEvent (iEvent &)=0
 Dispatches events to the proper components.

virtual void SetCanvas (iAwsCanvas *newCanvas)=0
 Set the contexts however you want.

virtual iAwsCanvasGetCanvas ()=0
 Get the current context.

virtual iAwsCanvasCreateDefaultCanvas (iEngine *engine, iTextureManager *txtmgr)=0
 Create a default canvas, covering the whole screen.

virtual iAwsCanvasCreateDefaultCanvas (iEngine *engine, iTextureManager *txtmgr, int width, int height, const char *name)=0
 Create a default canvas, just a single proctex.

virtual iAwsCanvasCreateCustomCanvas (iGraphics2D *g2d, iGraphics3D *g3d)=0
 Create a canvas that uses custom graphics devices.

virtual iGraphics2DG2D ()=0
 Get the iGraphics2D interface so that components can use it.

virtual iGraphics3DG3D ()=0
 Get the iGraphics3D interface so that components can use it.

virtual iAwsWindowCreateWindowFrom (char *defname)=0
 Instantiates a window based on a window definition.

virtual iAwsComponentCreateEmbeddableComponent ()=0
 Creates a new embeddable component.

virtual iAwsParmList* CreateParmList ()=0
 Creates a new parameter list.

virtual void CreateTransition (iAwsWindow *win, unsigned transition_type, float step_size=0.1)=0
 Creates and enables a transition for a window.

virtual void CreateTransitionEx (iAwsWindow *win, unsigned transition_type, float step_size, csRect &user)=0
 Creates and enables a transition for a window, using a user specified start or finish (transition type defines which).

virtual void SetFlag (unsigned int flags)=0
 Sets one or more flags for different operating modes.

virtual void ClearFlag (unsigned int flags)=0
 Clears one or more flags for different operating modes.

virtual unsigned int GetFlags ()=0
 Returns the current flags.

virtual iObjectRegistryGetObjectRegistry ()=0
 Return object registry.

virtual bool AllWindowsHidden ()=0
 Returns true if all windows are presently hidden.

Detailed Description

Interface for the window manager.

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